31 January 2020   The International Union of Lawyers and the International Association of Sports Law are Planning to Create the International Public Association for the Protection of the Rights of Athletes.

    The International Union of Lawyers has taken measures to support the international Russian sport, which has found itself in a difficult situation in connection with the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Organization. More...

    27 - 29 January 2020   The leaders of the International Union of Lawyers took part in the international scientific conference “75 years of the Great Victory and the development of modern international law”.

    The next 63rd annual meeting of the Russian Association of International Law was held in the building of the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University named M.V. Lomonosov January 27-29. More...

    16 January 2020   Regulation on the Commission for International Cooperation Entered into Force

    Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers A.A. Trebkov approved the Regulation on the Commission on International Cooperation (the Regulations is attached). More...


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