Regulation on the Commission for International Cooperation Entered into Force.

Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers A.A. Trebkov approved the Regulation on the Commission on International Cooperation (the Regulations is attached).

The Regulations defines the legal status, goals and directions of activity, the procedure for the formation of the Commission, the rights and obligations of its members. In particular, it was established that the Commission includes world-famous legal scholars, lawyers and public figures who know English. The main goal of the Commissionís activity is to develop friendly relations between lawyers from different countries of the world for the sustainable development of the world, in particular, to counteract the aggressive actions of politicians who are stepping up international tension, unleashing an arms race and provoking military conflicts. Members of the Commission, as noted in the Regulations, have the right to express their own point of view, different from the official policies of their states and decisions of the Commission. The Chairperson of the Commission has the right to independently interact with international, national state and public organizations, within the powers established by the Regulations, to create working groups and attract independent experts from any country to carry out the tasks assigned by the Union. In accordance with this Regulations, the Chairperson of the International Union of Lawyers is entitled to approve the members of the Commission as authorized representatives or heads of representative offices of our Union in individual countries or groups of closely located countries.

It is planned to hold regular remote (via the Internet) and face-to-face meetings of the Commission. The Commission consists of representatives of 17 countries. Recently, an honorary member of the Commission has also become a member of the Coordinating Council of our Union, professor of Pennsylvania University (USA, Pennsylvania) William Butler. As previously reported, the Commission on International Cooperation is headed by Anatoly Peskov, Deputy Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers.


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