Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers A. Trebkov opened representative offices of the International Union of Lawyers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Hungary and the Swiss Confederation.

McArdle David, Head of the Law and Law REF Coordinator at Stirling University (Scotland), has been appointed as Representative of the International Union of Lawyers in the UK. McArdle David is known as a specialist in protecting the rights of people, children and families. He teaches at universities in the USA, Australia, China and other countries, engaged in research related to the WTO regime in Saudi Arabia, the respect for human rights in Egypt and the fight against cybercrime in Nigeria. Attorney at law and Head of a Law Firm in Budapest Nemes Andras has been appointed as Representative of the International Union of Lawyers in Hungary. He is also a professor at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the Catholic University and the Hungarian University of Sports and Physical Education, First Vice President of the International Association of Sports Law, the author of the Encyclopedia of Sports Law and over 100 scientific papers in the field of sports law and jurisprudence. Solenik Daria has been appointed as Representative of the International Union of Lawyers in Switzerland. Daria is Attorney at law in Switzerland and France. She received her law degree from Queen's University of London and Lauren University (France). She is a professor at the University of Bordeaux (France), the author of more than 30 scientific publications on international commercial arbitration, international and private law, speaks fluent French, German, Russian and English. Representative offices in foreign countries were opened by decision of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Lawyers. The legal status of representatives is determined by the Regulation on Representative Office in a Foreign Country or a Group of Foreign Countries. In particular, the Representative acting on behalf of the International Union of Lawyers in national and international organizations and courts located in its country, negotiates and correspondence with third parties in the interests of the Union, concludes agreements on cooperation within the framework of the powers established by the Union. Representative office may have its own seal, stamps with its name, as well as the name and symbols of the Union. Coordination of the activities of Representatives is entrusted to the Chairman of the standing Commission on International Cooperation of our Union Anatoly Peskov.

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