Complete List of Members of the Standing Commission on International Cooperation of the International Union of Lawyers is presented

The Standing Commission on International Cooperation was established on December 6, 2019 by the decision of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Lawyers. In the current year, the composition of the Commission has significantly increased in quantity and quality. Now the Commission consists of 28 lawyers from 19 countries, including the United States and Russia, Europe, as well as China, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and South Africa. The Commission includes professors in the field of jurisprudence from leading universities of the world, famous scientists, lawyers, heads of law firms, and even a priest, professor of the Catholic University in Poland. Anatoly Peskov, Deputy Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers, was elected as the Chairman of the Commission. In addition, there are five Members of the Coordination Council of our Union. The Honorary Chairman and Chief Adviser of the Commission is James Nafziger (USA), who is a Member of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Lawyers, professor at the Willamette University (Oregon), academician of the International Academy of Comparative Law, adviser of the US Department of State, Head of the American Branch of the International Law Association. The Chief Coordinator of the Commission is also a Member of the Coordinating Council of our Union John Wolohan (USA), professor at Syracuse University (New York), a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Recently Zayed Al Shamsi, a former Deputy Attorney General in Dubai, and now Chairman of the Association for Lawyers and Legal Consultants in the United Arab Emirates, joined the Commission.

Mr. Zayed Saeed Saif Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal Consultants, a New Member of the Commission 

The full list of the Commission members is published here.

On January 16, 2020, the Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers Andrey Trebkov approved the Regulation on the Commission. In accordance with this Regulation, the main goal of the Commission is to develop friendly relations between lawyers from different countries in order to ensure the sustainable development of the world, prevent the threats of a new world war and local military conflicts, combat poverty, social and gender inequality, extremism and racism, religious intolerance, corruption and international crime. Members of the Commission have the right to participate in all program events and meetings of the executive bodies of our Union.

The Commission is also entrusted with the task of creating Representative Offices of the International Union of Lawyers abroad. Such work is being carried out successfully by the Commission. Representative Offices of our Union have already been opened in Hungary, Great Britain and Switzerland. Members of the Commission, renowned scientists and lawyers Andras Nemes, McArdle David, Daria Solenik became the Official Representatives of the International Union of Lawyers in their countries. The Commission plans also is to open a Representative Office of the International Union of Lawyers in Spain in the nearest future.

Another initiative of the Commission deserves special attention. The Commission, which included many professors of sports law, decided to prevent the interference of politicians in sports, to preserve international sport as an instrument of peace, to free sport from political blockades, discrimination, doping, corruption and crime. In this regard, they created a new public organization for the protection of athletes' rights ("International Athlete Rights Association", IARA). A Member of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Lawyers, a well-known public figure in Greece, President of the International Sports Law Association and professor of the University of Athens Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos and , as well as a well-known  attorney-at-law and sports lawyer from Saudi Arabia Majed Garoub assist in the implementation of this public initiative

Majed M Garoub, the Head of Law Firm in Saudi Arabia, founder of the ;"International Athlete Rights Association"

The Commission plan is to implement other significant initiatives and projects related to uniting lawyers from different countries and strengthening the role of the international legal community in solving world problems of human development.


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