Many well-known sports lawyers continue to join the International Athlete Rights Association (IARA), recently formed by the International Union of Lawyers and the International Sports Law Association.

Curt Hamakawa, Professor of Sport Management at the Western New England University (USA), decided to become the founder of our new public organization. Professor Hamakawa previously served as Director of International Relations and General Counsel for the US Olympic Committee and now he is the Head of the American Center for International Sport Business.

Professor Rares Stanescu, Director of Communications and Foreign Relations of the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, coordinator of European training programs Erasmus also joined the new public organization. Professor Stanescu is fluent in three languages ?? (English, French, Chinese), previously led the coaching schools and headed the Romanian Football Tennis Federation. Professors Hamakawa and Stanescu are members of the standing Commission for International Cooperation of our Union.

Outstanding sports lawyers of the Russian Federation have also joined the new public organization. In particular, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Head of the Chair of Sports Law at the Moscow State University named after Kutafin, Deputy Secretary General of the Russian Football Union Denis Rogachev joined the new public organization. Denis Rogachev, the author of numerous scientific works and one of the organizers of Russian football, is known to the entire sports community of our country, he is the main initiator and developer of major bills in the field of professional sports, and he is also a talented scientist and teacher. Vladimir Saraev, another very famous sports lawyer, became the founder of our organization. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Legal Sciences, head of the Center for Criminal Law in Sports. Professor Saraev is a leading legal expert in the field of professional sports of the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, previously graduated from the prestigious Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and worked for a long time as Minister of Sport in the Omsk region (Siberia). Sergey Altukhov, director of the Institute of Sports Management and Law at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), also decided to join our organization. Professor Altukhov is a bright personality, a talented scientist and speaker, the head of sports education in the humanities in Russia. Students recognized him as the best teacher of the Higher School of Economics in 2020. He recently published his textbook “Sports Event Management”.

The International Athlete Rights Association (IARA) is currently in the process of forming governing bodies such as the Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Commissions. The organization plans to create its own website on the Internet and conclude agreements with reputable lawyers' associations of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

International Athlete Rights Association (IARA) was established on September 21, 2020. It already includes 20 well-known lawyers and representatives of professional sports from 9 countries. Deputy Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers Anatoly Peskov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization. Members of the Coordination Council of our Union were elected also as honorary chairmen of the Board of Directors. In particular, the Honorary Chairmen of the Board of Directors were elected the President of the International Association for Sports Law, Professor at the Athens University of Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos (Greece), James Nafziger, Professor at the Willamette University (USA) and also John Wolohan, Professor at the Syracuse University (USA).

Curt Hamakawa

Rares Stanescu

Denis Rogachev

Vladimir Saraev

Sergey Altukhov


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