The Board of Directors of a new public organization for the protection of athletes' rights was elected by the founders and members of this organization.


The Board of Directors of the new public organization for the protection of athletes' rights («International Athlete Rights Association>», IARA) includes 20 well-known lawyers from Russia, Belarus, USA, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Iran, Romania and Latvia. The absolute majority (90%) of the Members of the Board of Directors are doctors and candidates of sciences (PhD), professors and associate professors of the world's leading universities. Among them are three Academicians, two Directors of the Institutes and one Vice-Rector of the University, three heads of Chairs of Universities specializing in teaching and researching problems of sports law.

In addition, the members of the Board of Directors are the Chief Editors of five world-famous scientific sports and international magazines, and members of another ten Editorial Boards of such magazines. Members of the Board of Directors are also experts in the bodies of the European Union, Interpol, the Federal Assembly of Russia, the US Department of State, legislative and executive authorities of other countries, members of various international associations and unions in the field of jurisprudence and world sports.

The Board of Directors also includes prominent Russian athletes, representatives of the Olympic Committees of Russia, the US and Romania, national federations of football, athletics and weightlifting, powerlifting, synchronized swimming, ice dancing, hockey, football tennis. Half of the members of the Board of Directors are professional lawyers, mediators and arbitrators in the field of professional sports, members of disciplinary committees and commissions of national sports federations and arbitration courts. The full list of Members of the Board of Directors and their photos and biographies can be found here.

The International Athlete Rights Association (IARA) was established on September 21, 2020 by the Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers Andrei Trebkov and President of the International Sports Law Association Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos with the participation of prominent Russian athletes Olga Brusnikina and Igor A. Ter-Ovanesyan. Deputy Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers, member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Sports Law Anatoly Peskov was elected Chairman of the Board of The International Athlete Rights Association (IARA).

In accordance with the IARA Charter, the main purpose of this organization is to protect the rights of athletes in all countries of the world from discrimination, political pressure, labor exploitation, unlawful and unjustified sports sanctions, doping, match fixing, corruption and other illegal manifestations that undermine the integrity of international sports.

The Organization has the right to protect the interests of athletes in international and national courts, in this regard, conclude agreements with bar associations, promote the appointments of persons with a good reputation to leading positions in international and national sports organizations, make proposals to international and national organizations and law enforcement agencies on punishing officials who violated the rights of athletes. The full text of the Charter can be found here.

At present, the Organization has begun to form standing Committees and creating a website for the Organization. The Members of the Board of Directors hope very much that the pandemic will someday end and they will have an opportunity to meet in Moscow or another capital of the world in order to share the results of their scientific research and legal practice, get to know each other better and discuss plans for joint activities at future.

New Members of the International Athlete Rights Association

Professor Brison Natasha (USA)

Professor Voicu Alexandru Virgil (Israel & Romania)

Professor Kamenkov Viktor (Belarus)

Assistant Professor Zalcmane Karina (Latvia)

Professor Shokri Nader (Iran)

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