On February 27, 2020, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 153, which he awarded state awards to famous people in the country and abroad. Putin awarded the Order of Friendship to the Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Honorary Member of the European Academy of Sciences at the Sorbonne Andre? Trebkov. This news instantly spread around the legal community of Russia and all post-Soviet republics and far abroad countries. And everywhere now, our friends raise glasses with champagne and drink for the good health and further successes of our leader Andre? Trebkov, who has been the leader of our Union for over 30 years. His high professional and moral qualities have turned our Union into a center of public diplomacy, the attraction of people of different nationalities, religious and political beliefs, an effective platform for international cooperation of lawyers of many countries of the world. Today, the International Union of Lawyers brings together 45 non-governmental organizations from 22 countries. The whole life of this wonderful person is admirable. He always honestly served the Motherland, when he was in the Navy, or participated in the creation of the oil and gas complex of Siberia, and when he was a people's judge and chairman of the district people's court, head of department and member of the board of the Ministry of Justice. Everywhere where this gifted man worked, he was always accompanied by success, victories. Dear Mr. Trebkov, we are all proud of you. Please accept our congratulations. We all love you immensely and deeply respect you. May God bless you and give you good health and further success.
Anatoly Peskov.

Cavalier of the Order of Friendship Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers Trebkov Andrey Adamovich


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