The International Union of Lawyers has a formal administrative and policymaking structure, which comprising:
  • Congress;
  • Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers;
  • Coordinating Council;
  • Executive Committee of the Coordinating Council;
  • Auditing Commission.

Members of the Standing Commission on International Cooperation of the International Union of Lawyers

Commission Leaders and Secretariat

  • Peskov Anatoly (Russia), Attorney-at-Law, Deputy Chairman of the International Union of Lawyers, Chairman  of the Commission
  • Nafziger A. R. James (USA), Professor at the Willamette University (Oregon), Academician of the International Academy of Comparative Law, Adviser on International Law at the US Department of State, Vice Chair of the International Law Association and former President of its American Branch, Secretary of the American Society of International Law, Honorary Chairman and Chief Adviser of the Commission
  • Wolohan John (USA), Professor at Syracuse University (New York), member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Chief Coordinator of the Commission
  • Kashekhlebova Katerina (Russia), Secretary of the Commission

Commission Members in Countries of Residence

Russian Federation

  • Malik Alexander, Attorney-at-Law, Emeritus Professor of the Diplomatic Academy of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Lecturer on Practical Issues of International Law (in English).
  • Sukharenko Alexander (Russia), Director of the Center for New Challenges and Threats to National Security of the Primorsky Institute of State and Municipal Administration
  • Iglin Alexey, Member of the Russian Association of International Law, Professor at the Russian Academy of National Economics and Public Services, Editor-in-Chief of the Journals "Theory of Law and Interstate Relations" and "International Law and Process".

Great Britain

  • David McArdle,  Head of the Representative Office of the International Union of Lawyers in the UK,  Head of Law and Law REF at Stirling University, Human Rights Coordinator


  • Nemes Andras, Head of the Representative Office of the International Union of Lawyers in Hungary, Attorney-at-Law, Head of a Law Firm (Budapest), First Vice-President of the International Association of Sports Law (Athens)


  • Vieweg Klaus, Professor of Frederick – Alexander University in Erlangen and Nuremberg


  • Laskaradis Emmanuel, Attorney-at-Law in Athens, Professor at Law School at Thrace University.


  • Voicu Alexandru-Virgil, Professor - Doctoral Supervisor in Law & Physical education and sports in University of Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), Professor at the Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca) and Professor at the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport (Bucharest), Honorary Member of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee


  • Shokri Nader, Attorney-at-Law,  Professor of the University of Tehran, President of the Iranian Scientific Sports Law Association


  • Iriarte Angel José Luis, Professor of Private International Law at the State University of Navarra
  • Camps Andreu, Professor of the National Institute for Physical Education in Catalonia, Secretary General of the Royal Spanish Football Federation


  • Di Giandomenico Anna, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Teramo.


  • Xiang Huiying, Associate Professor of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law,  Associate Dean of Sports Law Institute, Member of Consultative Committee of CAS (the Court of Arbitration for Sport), Secretary General of Shanghai Sports Law Association


  • Rutter Giappone Anthony, Member of the Malta Bar Association and the International Bar Association, Head of  the firm “Rutter Giappone Advocates”

United Arab Emirates

  • Al Shamsi Saif Saeed Zayed, Attorney-at-Law, Head of the  firm “Advocates and Legal Consultants”, Chairman of the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal Consultants


  • Fundowicz Slavomir,  Priest, Professor of Administrative Law at the Catholic University (Lublin)


  • Stanescu Rares, Professor, Director of the Department of Communications and External Relations of the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest


  • Jagodic Anton – a Judge of the International Court of Sports in Lausanne (Switzerland), President of the Slovenian Association for Sports Law


  • Butler, William E., HonoraryMember of the Commission, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law, Dickinson Law, Pennsylvania State University (USA); Emeritus Professor of Comparative Law, University of London (UK); Foreign Member at Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine
  • Sergevnin Vladimir, Professor of the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at the Western Illinois University.
  • Hamakawa Curt, Professor at the Western New England University, Director of the Center for International Sport Business


  • Solenik Daria, Head of the Representative Office of the International Union of Lawyers in Switzerland, Attorney-at-Law in Paris (France) and the Canton of Wood (Switzerland), Appointed Arbitrator of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Republic of South Africa

  • Cornelius Steve, Professor and Head of the Department of Private Law at the University in Johannesburg

South Korea

  • Yeun Kee-Young, Professor of Law at the Dongguk University in Seoul, Mediator of the Seoul High Court in Seoul, Founder of the Korean Association of Sports and Entertainment Law.
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